The Four Movado’s

The Four Movado’s

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 16, 2006

Movado is one of the more well known brands of luxury watches. When the name is mentioned, most consumers think of it as being an expensive watch. The reality is that their models are actually less expensive than most other high end watches. But when people are looking for a nice watch while strolling through the local mall or Macy’s, Movado’s are often more likely to be seen and purchased over a Cartier or Rolex for example. Wholesale product stores like Coscos, BJ’s and others who have carried the Movado brand have helped to make the brand name more visible to the general public. On the other hand, when you are talking about brands like Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe, most people wouldn’t have heard these names unless they are watch fan, a collector or they happened to pass by a high end watch shop or an authorized dealer.

The popularity of Movado watches has not gone unnoticed by the factories who make replicas. The Movado replica is probably one of the oldest replicas made, next to Rolex. Over 90% of replica Movado’s being made fall under the category of what are known as a “Grade 4”. They are made of aluminum, they are extremely light, they have a brushed or polished finish or coating, a small cheap quartz movement, a glass crystal (not scratch resistant), pins that hold the links together (rather than screws) and a flimsy clasp. This quality probably has the largest selection to choose from, which is good for the replica shopper just interested in a watch that can tell time, and looks real at first glance. If you were to pick up one of these replica watches, the light weight is the first sign that they are not all that great a replica. For the tourist buying a replica from a street vendor, they might be disappointed after initially picking up one of these replicas. The upside to the low quality is that they are cheap and there are many styles to choose from.

Prices can range greatly between street peddlers, vendors, and online retailers. Without a doubt “grade 4” are the most widely sold and purchased Movado Replicas. The next quality level up, “grade 3” replica Movados are a big step up from the “grade 4”. These are made of brass and again come with either a brushed or polished finish/coating, glass crystal and quartz movement, the clasps are a bit better than those found on a “grade 4” but the selection of models available is also allot less than the aluminum ones. Though they come in fewer models you will be able to find some of the nicer models, such as ones with pearl style dials (which in my opinion is much nicer than a flat white color). Only slightly higher in price than a “grade 4” they are definitely worth it if you can find them. Another benefit of these replicas is that the weight difference from that of the original is not as extreme, they don’t feel like they are about to float off your hand like “grade 4” replica Movado’s.

The fact that these are made of brass means that they have some weight behind them. The good quality clasp to compliment these watches is another plus. The major problem with these grade replicas is trying to find them. A street peddler isn’t going to have these, nor will most street vendors. We’d suggest not asking for these on the street, as it’s a waste of your time. In fact, often times the street dealer will make it sound as if they have the best stainless steel quality replica, even if it is a “grade 4”. If you ask them for a higher quality they will just pull the same low quality replica out of another pocket. Or they will disappear for a few minutes, and come back with the same exact low quality replica, and ask for a ridiculous amount of money, especially a street peddler, where prices can reach as high as $ 200. If you are looking for a watch to just wear, and keep time, stick with a “grade 4” and maybe even purchase a few. But if you do happen to come across something that looks and feels heavier for a good price by all means make the purchase, as these opportunities are rare.

“Grade 2” replica Movado’s are quite nice, compared to the others; these are even more difficult to find than the previous two. Made of solid stainless steel, but again are coated for some reason. This could very well be because it is easier to coat a watch, to give it a brushed look, rather then actually finishing the metal. But the finish on these replicas is often a very good quality. If taken care of properly the finish will last for years. Like you might find on cheaper models, the movements on these replicas can be automatic or quartz, and also have a glass crystal. The clasps on these replicas are an excellent quality and the markings are often very accurate. Even when examined at a close range they can pass for a real Movado, so don’t be afraid to show these off to your friends.

“Grade 1” replica Movado’s are few and far between. The reason for this is simple; a genuine Movado may only cost a few hundred, therefore these high quality replicas can not sell for a high price, like other high end replica watches. After all, why would a consumer pay a few hundred dollars for a high end replica when the original can be purchased for a very small increase in their expenditure?

This means that the profit margin on the sale of one of these high end replicas is very small for the manufacturer. These quality replicas have genuine Swiss ETA movements, usually automatic but it is also possible that a Swiss made quartz movement could be used in some. Automatic movements are generally what are used; the movements are also engraved with Movado markings on some models, if it has a display back. The metal is solid stainless and is truly polished or brushed. The crystals are sapphire, and scratch resistant. Gaskets are used on the crown and case to create water tight seals.

¹Retail Prices for Replica Movado Watches

Grade 4 $ 49

Grade 3 $ 99

Grade 2 $ 149

Grade 1 $ 389

¹Prices were determined by comparing prices from online web sites, wholesalers and street vendors. is not affiliated with Movado Group or other companies mentioned in this article.

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